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Rope Safe Ltd is an ever-expanding and reliable rope access company providing turn-key solutions to work at height. We provide clients with a wide range of access services for all their building maintenance and industrial work at height needs. Whether you require building inspection, or a confined space gasifier descale in an energy-from-waste plant, whatever the project or requirements, our teams will provide a safe and professional service.

Experienced and reliable

With over 20 years of collective rope access experience in our management team, we deliver top-class professional services whilst adhering to strict health and safety policies and procedures in order to provide our workers and clients peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

Our management team has worked at height all over the globe from large-scale rigging projects in the Middle East to wind farms in the North Sea, to cleaning windows in London. When it comes to working at height, we have done and seen it all. At Rope Safe, whether we are working on high level cleaning in Manchester, or building inspections in Birmingham, we channel our years of combined experience to offer a full package of rope access assignments and bring professional services to your premises.


Rope Access  in Manchester and Lincolnshire



Why Use Rope Access


Using our services helps you cut costs and our methods are safer and more reliable than any other for accessing most difficult areas. 


Our safety record is impeccable, and we take extra precautions with backup systems in place in case of failure. We are fully accredited by Chas and perform all height work under IRATA guidelines.


We pride ourselves on completing our work on budget, on schedule and with no compromise on quality. Using a rope access service is much more efficient than using scaffolding or a cherry picker.


With us you cut out the middle man. We have training and experience in many trades across the industry, including painting, cleaning, plastering, pointing, and inspections.







Rope access health and safety

Rope access is a tried and tested safe method of working at height that is often more efficient than scaffolding. In simple terms, it is a means of accessing an area predominantly via abseiling, aid climbing, moving along tension lines and fall arrest/restraint. Industrial abseiling takes the form of a top anchor system and two ropes. One is mainline and one is a backup in in case of mainline failure. Our Rope Safe technicians descend or ascend on the mainline to access the area where work will be carried out.


Adhering to strict H&S Guidelines

All rope access work is carried out under IRATA guidelines. This governing body sets the standard to which all operatives are trained and examined to ensure they are competent to work in the industry. IRATA also sets the standards for safe working practices when working at height. These can be found in the IRATA Code of Practise (ICOP). In the course of our high level cleaning in Manchester, and across the UK, we follow these procedures and incorporate them in our planning, risk assessments and project execution to ensure the highest safety standards.





The origins of rope access work

Rope access was born out of the Oil and Gas Industry where methods of access were restricted and accessing areas was a problem. Since the 1980s, rope access has grown into a massive industry worldwide with an excellent safety track record, due to its stringent safety protocols and its exposed nature. It provides fast and efficient means of tackling projects, where other ways would incur large bills and lengthy timelines. Clients from all around the world are now looking to this as the future of working at height.

A safe pair of hands

At Rope Safe, all our technicians are trained and IRATA approved. We use the very best equipment to ensure our safe track record remains secure. All jobs are risk assessed in our RAMs by our health and safety team and the procedures are drawn out in detail to ensure nothing is overlooked. You can rest assured you're in safe hands.






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