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How safe is rope access?

At first sight, rope access [abseiling] may look dangerous, but in reality, it is statistically the safest method of access. This is due to the rigorous training required to be a rope access technician.

Is rope access safer then scaffolding?

Although hanging from a rope may seem very dangerous compared to standing on a solid built structure such as scaffolding, rope access actually has a much better safety record then scaffolding.

What is rope access?

The primary purpose of rope access is for workers to access difficult to reach areas, without scaffolding, cradles, or other work platforms. A rope access technician can use ropes to, ascend, descend, and move around structures and buildings internally and externally using rope access techniques.

Why choose rope access?

The benefit of using rope access techniques lies in the safety and speed which workers can get to or from challenging locations in order to carry out their work. This often ensures that there is minimal impact on other operations in a business, surrounding areas and the environment.

What does a rope access technician do?

Rope access technicians can be asked to complete a wide range of tasks. Some of the most common are industrial safety, production rigging on film and television sets, and building maintenance. However, essentially industrial rope access work can be anything at height, depth, or in confined spaces.







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