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We can help deal with bird nesting and add protective modifications to prevent bird nesting and fouling where required.  

With nesting birds, the most common solution is prevention, as most birds' nests are protected by law. In this situation, the best approach is to prevent nesting in winter months, when birds are not nesting, by enclosing spaces and holes and gaps, and applying physical deterrent as necessary.

Bird netting is a popular choice for deterring birds offering a physical barrier to stop birds from accessing certain areas. If installed correctly bird nets are nearly invisible and will last for years.

Bird spikes offer a quick and cost efficient means of repelling birds from roosting and sitting on ledges and pipes. Our teams can easily install spikes to most areas and due to the nature of the installation this is often cheaper than netting although will not offer the longevity of bird netting. Spikes however are versatile and can be glued (non-destructive) to most surfaces or clipped to gutters where birds often enjoy roosting and sitting

Post and wire is used for maintaining aesthetics and covering large areas where rows of spikes would be inefficient and not cost effective. This is often used on flashings atop of buildings. Post and wire also offers more longevity over bird spikes.

Cleaning - Rope Safe offer a full hygiene cleaning service to rid buildings of toxic bird fouling. This can be anything from spaying biocide and scrubbing brick work to full scale jet washing.

Many pest control specialists will struggle to deal with bird nesting and roosting at height due to the inherent dangers of working at height. Here at Rope Safe, we have the equipment and mobility necessary to deal with this problem safely.




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